Looking for a job? Don’t look here!

The Interview.

Over 10 years ago, I nervously walked into a conference room and sat down.  What followed was a series of people coming in, one after another to talk to me.  About everything.  My background, my interest in technology, my hypothetical super powers (if I were to have one) and what I’d be doing if it wasn’t this.  I was prepared for all of the “standard” interview questions, but struggled to understand how a hypothetical super power was relevant in the context of whether or not I would be a good programmer/analyst (yes, that’s where I started!).  I did my best to answer their questions (and tried to remember all of their names), and left feeling hopeful.  A few days (maybe a week later) I was called back to go through the same process again, with more people!  My interview took about a day.  Like literally 8 hours.  But they eventually decided to give me a shot.


Star Wars.

Before I even officially started at clevermethod, the whole company went to see Star Wars.  In the middle of the day.  I started to get excited.


My First Days.

At my previous job they had a pretty standard new employee training program.  A binder that you went through with test exercises, example projects and a lot of documentation and paperwork to read.  My first day at clevermethod was not like that.  I was thrown right in.  I was meeting with clients and working on actual projects with legitimate deadlines.  Within a few months I was flying to Los Angeles to document and understand a complex consumer relations application.  To say the training wheels were off would be a misstatement – they were never on!  But I was learning a ton (very quickly!), and gaining confidence as I started to see the trust that was being placed in me.


My Co-Workers.

Starting a new job you always wonder what the people are going to be like.  Will everyone be nice? Are you going to fit in?  Will you have someone to eat lunch with?  The answer I soon realized was yes.  To all my questions.  We ate lunch together every day.  We had a contest to see who could wear more orange and blue (a throwback to those that remember our original branding!).  I started to realize that the whole team just gelled.  Our skills and personalities complimented each other.  We had inside jokes (mmm…peanuts…), celebrated birthdays, and always found ways to help each other.  Looking back, I realized this was the reason for the day-long interview.


Growing Up.

I was an ambitious 23 year old when I started at clevermethod.  I was newly married, just bought my first house and was still trying to figure out the whole “being an adult” thing.  The partners were young single guys in their twenties too, just trying to make it work in a rented office space next to a daycare.  We all worked hard, and we all worked together.  And the hard work paid off.  In 2008 clevermethod moved to 1200 Maple Road.  We had a fancy new building.  I had my own office.  In 2009 I had my son (who’s now 5 1/2 and finishing up Kindergarten!).  In 2012 I had my daughter.  Things like affordable insurance, health savings accounts, 401Ks and flexible time off started to increase in importance – fortunately they were (and are!) important to clevermethod as well.  Our services grew (up) too.  When I joined clevermethod it was a relatively new company that made websites, whose process was defined more often than not by the client or the project.    Now we are a modern marketing agency, proud of the process that we’ve been able to define (and refine) over the years.  We grew up.  Together.


Full Circle.

So why don’t you want a job here?  A job is something you do to earn a paycheck.  You punch in, you punch out.  When you leave, you aren’t checking your email, or checking in to see how your co-worker is doing in the daily squat challenge group on Facebook.  A career might be better.  A career describes a journey that can include a number of jobs and experiences.  clevermethod is a small company, so we all have a lot of “jobs” here that contribute to a career.  So it’s a bit closer, but still not everything.  It still seems too small.  clevermethod has been there with me through good times and bad.  It’s helped me grow and evolve as a person and as a professional.  Heck, I’m even married to a clevermethoder (almost 12 years already)!  It sounds corny and cliché, but the only word that comes to mind to describe what clevermethod is to me is family.  So sure, clevermethod could be one heck of a job, but it could also be something so much more.


Enough with the websites, already.

We’ve been filling up screens on behalf of our clients for nearly 15 years. When we started, saying “we make websites” felt like enough to convey to people (or, to our mothers) what we did. But these days, it doesn’t begin to cover all of the things we do to help brands make the most of their online marketing.


A quick description of our company has always been elusive. Digital Agency, Web Design Studio, Custom Software Developers – they were all true, but none of them ever felt quite right. So we asked ourselves, are we a tech company that does marketing? Or is it the other way around? And the answer was “yes” to both.


So we created our own category that feels just right. Whether its pixels or code or campaign ideas, it’s what we do and it’s what we now call modern marketing. Check out our bitchin’ new site to read all about the evolution of our brand and our services.

We rethought our own visual branding, too. Take a look:




The finger tapping the circle represents the interaction that takes place when devices deliver our work to people. The fact that it looks like a “C” is a bonus. The “end wrench” in the center represents our blue-collar ethic and attitude.


We’d love to know what you think about our refreshed brand and position. Among its many benefits is that when our moms ask us what we do or people drive by our office, they get it. We do modern marketing.


So, heres to the new clevermethod! Many, many thanks to everyone who put their time and their sweat into making it happen.

The New Meeting Room

It goes by many names, including ‘Cantina’, ‘Coruscant’, or simply ‘Conference Room C’, but regardless of what you call it, clevermethod’s new meeting room is a welcome addition to 1200 Maple Rd.

The vibrant green room is a beautiful sunlit space where we can have our brainstorming sessions, meetings & lunches (and a couple drinks from the beverage cooler).

  • The East facing wall is built from reclaimed wood paneling from Buffalo ReUse.
  • Creative work can be shared wirelessly with the team on the Apple-TV connected screen on the West wall.
  • Collaborative notes and ideas can be written on the large dry-erase surface on the North wall.
  • Through the South wall we can enjoy the great view through the garage door converted into a glass panel wall.

We’re looking for a Content Administrator to join our team.

We are seeking a Content Administrator for our Localization team who will be responsible for tactical, detailed management of localized content in a content management system. This role also involves managing requests from customers for maintenance of site content as well as localization of new content as initiatives are launched. This position is within our Localization team but has visibility to the entire organization.

The ideal candidate will be a dynamic, self-motivated individual with experience and skills in web content management, writing and editing for the web, graphic design and site management.

The Content Administrator will work closely with account management and project coordination teams as well as the customer as needed, so strong communication skills are required. Tasks require a strong attention to detail and ability to work under tight deadlines.

The term “localization” does not simply refer to the translation of content. Our team works closely with our clients to understand the content that will be presented to international markets and implement that content. This position does not require the candidate to translate content in any way.

Interested? Apply online! http://www.clevermethod.com/careers